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Master Program

Course Title Course Number Credit
Independent Study MS__M0010 2.0
Seminar MS__M0020 1.0
Semiconductor Materials MS__@0150 3.0
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering MS__@0160 3.0
Special Topics on Metallic Materials MS__@0170 3.0
Structure and Microsturcture Analysis of Materials MS__@0180 3.0
Phase Transformation MS__@0190 3.0
Electronic Ceramics MS__@0200 3.0
Semiconductor Devices MS__M0030 3.0
Advanced Physical Metallurgy MS__@0220 3.0
Vacuum Science and Technology MS__@0230 3.0
Thin Films: Science and Technology MS__M0070 3.0
Transmission Electron Microscopy MS__@0250 3.0
Magnetic Materials MS__@0260 3.0
Optoelectronic Materials and Applications MS__@0270 3.0
Practical Analytical Electron Microscopy MS__@0280 3.0
Polymeric Materials Science MS__@0290 3.0
Introduction to the Processing of Micro- and Nano-electromechanical Systems MS__@0300 3.0
Semiconductor Processing MS__@0310 3.0
Topics in Polymeric Materials MS__@0320 3.0
Physics of materials MS__M0040 3.0
Nano - Photocatalysts MS__@0340 3.0
Ceramic Processing MS__@0350 3.0
acuum and Plasma Science and Technology MS__@0360 3.0
Kinetics of Surface Catalytic Reactions MS__@0370 3.0
Spectroscopy for Material Science MS__@0380 3.0
Chemical Reaction Engineering MS__@0390 3.0
Nanometer-Scale Materials Science and Engineeing MS__@0400 3.0
Compound Semiconductor MS__@0410 3.0
Advanced Thermodynamics and Kinetics MS__M0050 3.0
Characterization of Semiconductor Materials and Devices MS__@0430 3.0
High temperature alloys and processing MS__@0440 3.0
Calculation in material science MS__M0060 3.0
Technical Writing MS__M0080 3.0
Photonic materials MS__@0470 3.0
Steel metallurgy MS__M0090 3.0
Molecular dynamics in materials science, physics and chemistry MS__@0490 3.0


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