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Undergraduate program

Course Title Course ID Credit
Calculus(I) AM__10500 3.0
Calculus (II) AM__10800 3.0
General Physics(I) PHYS10000 3.0
General Physics Laboratory (I) PHYS10100 1.0
General Physics Lab. (II) PHYS10300 1.0
General Chemistry (I) CHEM10000 3.0
General Chemistry (II) CHEM10200 3.0
General Chemistry Lab (I) CHEM10100 1.0
General Chemistry Lab(Ⅱ) CHEM10300 1.0
General Physics(II) PHYS10200 3.0
Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (I) MS__10100 3.0
Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (II) MS__20200 3.0
Physical Metallurgy (I) MS__21000 3.0
Physical Metallurgy (II) MS__30300 3.0
Thermodynamics of Materials (I) MS__20500 3.0
Thermodynamics of Materials(II) MS__20800 3.0
Engineering Mathematics (I) MS__20000 3.0
Engineering Mathematics (II) MS__20600 3.0
Introduction to Kinetics in Materials MS__31300 3.0
Mechanics of Materials(I) MS__21710 3.0
Fundamental Experiments in Materials (I) MS__20300 2.0
Fundamental Experiments in Materials(II) MS__30200 2.0
Fundamental Experiments in Materials (III):Processing in Microelectronics MS__30800 2.0
Experiments in the Manufacture and Analysis Technology of Nanomaterials MS__21500 2.0
Report MS__41130 1.0
Mechanics of Materials(II) MS__21720 3.0
Crystallography and Diffraction Theory MS__30000 3.0
Mechanical Behaviors of Materials MS__20900 3.0
Organic Chemistry for Materials Science MS__10300 3.0
Fundamental Physics of Materials MS__10400 3.0
Spectroscopy for Material Science MS__@0070 3.0
Metallic Materials MS__30400 3.0
Ceramics MS__30900 3.0
Materials Characterization MS__40000 3.0
Catalysis Materials MS__41000 3.0
Polymeric Materials MS__31200 3.0
Magnetic Materials MS__40700 3.0
Introduction to Phase Transformation MS__@0010 3.0
Phase Diagrams in Materials Science MS__41140 3.0
Steel metallurgy MS__10500 3.0
Nanoparticles in biomedical applications MS__41150 3.0
Processing of Art Ceramic MS__41170 3.0
Independent Study(I) MS__@0040 2.0
Independent Study(II) MS__@0050 2.0
Independent Study(III) MS__@0060 2.0
Introduction to Semiconductor Materials MS__30100 3.0
Semiconductor Devices MS__40800 3.0
Electrical Characterization of Materials(I) MS__21300 3.0
Electrical Characterization of Materials (II) MS__21400 3.0
Solar cell materials and system integration MS__31410 3.0
Introduction to the Processing of Micro- and Nano-electromechanical Systems MS__54200 3.0
Vacuum and Plasma Science and Technology MS__55300 3.0
Thin Film Technology MS__31100 3.0
Nanometer-Scale Materials Science and Engineering MS__40100 3.0
Sensing Materials in Energy-saving Practices MS__41160 3.0
Independent Study(I) MS__@0040 2.0
Independent Study(II) MS__@0050 2.0
Independent Study(III) MS__@0060 2.0


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