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Ph.D. Program (International)

國立東華大學課程規劃查詢系統(Course Planning Query System) : https://sys.ndhu.edu.tw/aa/class/RuleSearch/rulebasic.aspx

111學年度 材料科學與工程學系博士班國際組 課程規劃表

111 Academic year Curriculum planning table

一、最低畢業學分數(Minimum graduation credits):

畢業學分(Graduation credits):34.0學分(credits)

專業必修(Professional Required):16.0學分(credits)

專業選修(Professional elective):18.0學分(credits)

二、重要相關規定(Important regulations):

I.Credit requirement:

Minimum credits for graduation: 34

Required course credits: 16

Minimum elective course credits: 18


1.Required courses

(1)Independent Study: 3 credits per semester, all students have to select.

(2)Seminar: 1 credits per semester, at least 4 credits.

2. A total of 18 credits of elective courses are required (a maximum of six credits from courses offered at other institutes)

3. Students who directly enroll in PhD programs have to successfully complete a minimum of 39 credits of elective courses (elective courses successfully completed during enrolment in the MA program may be applied to the total number of credits required)

4. The selected electives are reviewed by the supervising professor during registration each semester」

5. Doctoral students who have successfully completed PhD-level courses and earned grades of B- or higher during their graduate studies may apply for the transfer of a maximum of 6 credits.

6. The department of students enroll this year, shall take and pass the”Taiwan Academic Ethics Education Resource Center” online platform of “academic research ethics education curriculum” during first semester. Who did not pass, should not apply final oral examination.

7. In order to implement the Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College (the BEST program) and the English as a Medium of Instruction Teaching Plan (known as the EMI teaching plan), set by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, the EMI courses offered by the EMI teachers of the College of Science and Engineering will be deemed as the same or as the equivalent courses with the same course names or the same course nature offered by the department. Please refer to 「NDHU’s Course Equivalency Table (國立東華大學相同或等同課程對照表)」

必修/ 選修



Course Title(Chinese)


Course Title(English)


Course Number



Required 論文研究 Independent Study MS__M0010 2.0
Required 專題討論 Seminar MS__D1100 1.0
Elective 高等材料科學與工程 Advanced Materials Science and Engineering MS__D0180 3.0
Elective 高等物理冶金 Advanced Physical Metallurgy MS__@0490 3.0
Elective 高等熱動力學 Advanced Thermodynamics and Kinetics MS__D0030 3.0
Elective 計算材料科學 Calculation in material science MS__D0040 3.0
Elective 半導體材料與元件特件分析 Characterization of Semiconductor Materials and Devices MS__@0500 3.0
Elective 化學反應工程 Chemical Reaction Engineering MS__@0510 3.0
Elective 化合物半導體 Compound Semiconductor MS__@0520 3.0
Elective 電子陶瓷 Electronic Ceramics MS__@0530 3.0
Elective 高溫合金與製程 High temperature alloys and processing MS__D0110 3.0
Elective 表面催化動力學 Kinetics of Surface Catalytic Reactions MS__@0540 3.0
Elective 磁性材料 Magnetic Materials MS__@0550 3.0
Elective 奈米材料科技 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology MS__D0120 3.0
Elective 奈米光觸媒 Nano - Photocatalysts MS__@0560 3.0
Elective 光電材料與應用 Optoelectronic Materials and Applications MS__70920 3.0
Elective 有機半導體材料與元件 Organic Semiconductor and Devices MS__@0570 3.0
Elective 相變態 Phase Transformation MS__@0580 3.0
Elective 材料物理 Physics of materials MS__D0170 3.0
Elective 高分子材料科學 Polymer Material Science MS__@0590 3.0
Elective 實用解析式電子顯微鏡學 Practical Analytical Electron Microscopy/td> MS__@0600 3.0
Elective 半導體元件 Semiconductor Devices MS__D0130 3.0
Elective 半導體材料 Semiconductor Materials MS__@0610 3.0
Elective 半導體製程 Semiconductor Processing MS__@0620 3.0
Elective 金屬材料特論 Special Topics on Metallic Materials MS__D0070 3.0
Elective 材料光譜學 Spectroscopy for Material Science MS__@0630 3.0
Elective 材枓結構與顯微分析 Structure and Microstructure Analysis of Materials MS__@0640 3.0
Elective 英文科技論文寫作 Technical Writing MS__D0080 3.0
Elective 薄膜科學與技術 Thin Films: Science and Technology MS__D1110 3.0
Elective 穿透式電子顯微鏡 Transmission Electron Microscopy MS__@0650 3.0
Elective 真空與電漿科技 Vacuum and Plasma Science and Technology MS__@0660 3.0
Elective 真空科學與技術 Vacuum Science and Technology MS__@0670 3.0
Elective 分子動力學 Molecular dynamics in materials science, physics and chemistry MS__@0680 3.0
Elective 鋼鐵冶煉學 Steel metallurgy MS__D0160 3.0
Elective 光通訊材料 Photonic materials MS__@0690 3.0
Elective 電化學原理與腐蝕工程 Principle of Electrochemistry and Corrosion Engineering MS__@0700 3.0
Elective 光電半導體製程 Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology for Optoelectronics MS__@0710 3.0
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