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Development focus

Research focus

The professions and backgrounds of our faculties are diversified, including material processing, structure analysis, property characterization, and function utilization. By the integration of department, college, and university, we aim on 3 main fields of material research, i.e. electric and optoelectronic materials, nanomaterials, energy and environmental protective related green materials. Based on these researches, we will develop technologies such as materials processing, thin film, optoelectronic metrology, polymer synthesis, and microscopic analysis. The research activities of our university under the subject of materials is ranked among top 15 in Taiwan by WOS, and ranked among top 500 worldwide by ESI.


Education focus

The undergraduate courses focus on basic principles and knowledge. Including (1) Metal and Ceramic Fundamentals, (2) Mechanics of Engineering and Materials, and Mechanical Properties of Materials, (3) Organic and Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Materials, and (4) Electronic and Electrical Circuit Fundamentals, Semiconductor Materials and Devices, and Microelectronic materials and processing. The education covers basic knowledge in materials, mechanical, chemical, and electrical fields. The graduate courses focus on crosslink between theory and application. With the understanding that development in this field is ever-evolutionary, and the business and industry types are constantly changing, we are confident that the well trained students from our department are well equipped to adapt the environment, and are able to face the challenges in their future career.

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