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Founding missions and department specialties

Founding missions

The founding mission of our department is to nurture disciplined workforces in materials science and engineering. The interest of materials science and engineering is to study the processing, structures, properties, and functions of verities of materials, and relationships among these four aspects. The studies cover from theories to applications and from science to engineering, as a true interdisciplinary study to satisfy ever increasing demands for high integrity of knowledge, and play a key role in the field of high-tech industries. Thus the material science and engineering is often referred to as the mother of industry, signifying the consequential relationship between high-tech industries and the study of materials science and engineering.


Department specialties

The department offers faculties with strong and multidisciplinary professions, complementary research facilities, and integrally designed courses. The research activities of our university under the subject of materials is ranked among top 15 in Taiwan by WOS, and ranked among top 500 worldwide by ESI.


Faculties with strong and multidisciplinary professions

Our teaching team consists of faculties with Ph.D. degrees granted by famous universities in United States, France, Germany and Poland, besides Taiwan. The faculties are also integrated to form a strong research team, active in both industrial and academic fields nationwide. The professions of the faculties include material processing, structure analysis, material characterization, and design for function utilizations, not only to enrich the teaching contents in materials science and engineering, but also to support the research activities in this ever-demanding world for multidisciplinary integration.


Complementary research facilities

The department-owned facilities combined with the facilities under East Taiwan Nanotechnology Research Center forms the complementary research facility system for the department. The system fulfills easily the needs for facilities in teaching and research activities of our department. With the aid of general facility reservation system built by our Science and Engineering Institute, we can maximize the utilization of time slots for all facilities and number of users, monitoring the licenses issued, and securing the opportunities for license acquisition and for the self-operation of the facilities for all graduate students that are licensed.


Integrally designed courses

The undergraduate courses are arranged into several modules. With the aid of this design, the students can understand crisply the categorization of the teaching contents, track their own learning progress and can further evaluate their own capabilities and interest, providing flexibility for the following course selection and for the future career plan.


For the introductory courses we aim on basic science of all types of materials, i.e. metal, ceramic, polymer, and semiconductor, to establish the solid foundation for future study in materials. For the lab courses, we realize the importance of the courses bridging between theory and application, so we strive to provide students with hand-on experiences through these courses. We have recently added the course of semiconductor lab, in addition to the existing courses of metal lab and ceramic lab. This course is one of our unique offers distinguishing our department from others.


Our department also offer joint program with department of optoelectronic engineering department. The program is called optoelectronic materials and devices for renewable energies, providing students with cross-department study. This is another unique offer by our department.


For the graduate study, we focus on the application of materials, in addition to the basic science, in the course design, in order to nurture talents with compatibility in the application of materials.


With the understanding that development in this field is ever-evolutionary, and the business and industry types are constantly changing, we are confident that the well trained students from our department are well equipped to adapt the environment, and are able to face the challenges in their future career.

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