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Lab. Name Professor Research Area Phone
Microanalysis Lab for Minerals and Materials Laboratory Shyh-Lung Hwang Metal and Ceramic Materials, Earth Sciences, Electron Microscopy +886-3-8903222
Microforming Laboratory Mao-Kuo Wei Micro-/nano-forming, Organic light-emitting devices, Laser micromachining, Pulsed laser deposition +886-3-8903221
Microwave and Optoelectronic Devices Laboratory Yu-Shyan Lin Research Area: Micro-/Nano-Forming and Fabrication, Organic Light-Emitting Devices and Fabrication, Pulsed Laser Micromachining and Deposition +886-3-8903218
A113 Laboratory Yen-Pei Fu Solid oxide fuel cell; Ferrite materials +886-3-8903209
Oxide Nanostructures Laboratory Li-Chia Tien Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials +886-3-8903208
High Temperature Alloys & Processing Laboratory Chun-Liang Chen High temperature alloys, Nuclear structural materials, Mechanical alloying +886-3-8903208
Epitaxial Growth of Optoelectronic Materials Laboratory Yi-Jia Chen Optoelectrnoic semiconductor materials, Epitaxial growth, Chemical vapor deposition of nanostructural materials +886-3-8903227
Polymer Materials Laboratory Su-Hua Chen Polymer Materials Laboratory +886-3-8903229
Materials Thermodynamics Laboratory Wojciech Gierlotka Thermodynamics of materials, Phase equilibria and phase change materials, inorganic, Solid state diffusion and interfacial reactions, First principles calculations and thermodynamic calculations +886-3-8903237
MBE Laboratory Ing-Song Yu Ferromagnetic semiconductors, Optoelectronic materials, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Solar cells +886-3-8903219
Functional Ceramic Laboratory Wen-Ku Chang Crystal growth, Semiconductor material and device characterization +886-3-8903217
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